Wrist Warmer Iull Brown

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Small and comfortable, light and classic. This is the perfect friend in need for those with cold hands (and the people who live with them). The clean design makes it a nice added touch to any outfit. These are loved by children, adults and IT people – which we think bring out how versatile it is..

Some more information and advice:

Available in several cool colours
Knitted on knitting machines in Stavanger, Norway.
Steamed, cut and sown by hand, so measurements may vary a little.
Measures approx. 20 cm in circumference and 23 cm in length.
One size fits all.
Knitted in 100% merino wool.
Wash rarely, 30 degrees - hand wash.
Wool will change its form after use. Feel free to "pull it" back into shape after you have washed it, and dry it flat.
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Products in 100% merino wool, made by Ingrid Ull (iUll) in Norway.
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