Welcome to Memories from Norway and our blog!

Memories from Norway blog
Welcome to Memories from Norway and our blog!
By Lisa, eCommerce Manager
1 year ago

Welcome to Memories from Norway and our blog!

We are very excited to have finally launched our online store, Memories from Norway – after months of hard work and years of brainstorming and ideas!

If you have had a look at our "About us" page, you'll know that the online store is the natural next step for our physical stores;Memories from Flåm (formerly Flåm Store) and the Flåm Railway Museum in Flåm, Norway. Flåm is a beautiful village along the Aurlandsfjord, and is a popular destination for many travellers to Norway. Since opening Memories from Flåm, we have learned that visitors love collecting memories from Flåm, and we hope that by offering our products online we can reach those who haven't (yet) visited Flåm, and those who did, but forgot to bring something special home.

It was important for us that the online store reflect the spectacular nature that surrounds us, and we hope you will see this throughout the site. The area around Flåm has inspired several of our own collections (such as the mountaintop Prest inspiring our outdoor collection Prest1478, and the folk tales of the hulder people inspiring our Nora collection). We look forward to creating and developing new collections and designs, and are excited to have you here!

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