5 Essential Features of Great Rainwear

5 Essential Features of Great Rainwear
5 Essential Features of Great Rainwear
2022-07-15 19:07:00

5 Essential Features of Great Rainwear

There’s no hiding that Norway can be a country with unpleasant weather from time to time – in Winter it can be awfully cold and it rains often in western Norway. In fact, the city of Bergen, located in Western Norway, is the rainiest city in Europe, with 240 days of rain annually!

The residents of Bergen (including some of the team behind Memories from Norway) have adapted to the (somewhat) excessive rainfall and have gotten used to wearing raincoats and gumboots wherever they go. Know that the weather does not stop us from going about our business or leisure, as “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing” (a very common Norwegian saying). We even hike and play professional football in the rain. Hence, there’s no other better place to start a rainwear brand than Bergen, which is exactly what both BRGN and Norwegian Rain did!


What is proper rainwear and raingear?

Walking in the rain may sound unpleasant, but with proper rain gear, you can easily enjoy it. Plenty of options are available to help you keep dry when the weather fails to co-operate. A few examples are – an umbrella, a raincoat, a poncho, a rain-pant, a water-proof jacket, water-proof shoes/ boots, gaiters, and even a rain skirt.

Our go-to waterproof clothing are often raincoats or ponchos. Umbrellas are good protection for your head, but work best during lighter rain showers. Raincoats and ponchos, on the other hand, keep both of your hands free and thus increase mobility. The larger ponchos even protect small backpacks if you wear them on the inside.

Whilst a raincoat is basically a water-proof jacket with breathable fabric and a hood, a poncho is a lifesaver during a heavy downpour. When a raincoat protects you to your torso, leaving your pants vulnerable to rain, the ponchos are longer and keep your pants dry. There are plenty of rainjackets, coats and ponchos out there, but what makes a piece of waterproof clothing really stand out from the crowd?

Let’s go through some essential features every great rainwear must have.


Essential features of good rainwear

#1 Water-proof

Water resistance and water-proofing are two different things. Water-resistant rain wears can handle light rain only for a brief time. If precipitation persists for a longer duration, they won’t be up to the mark. On the other hand, water-proof rainwear keeps the rain out and prevents it from getting through to your skin.


#2 Light-weight and compact

Your preferred rainwear should not offer water-repellency at the cost of comfort, fitness, or mobility. A heavy garment drags in certain areas and is highly uncomfortable and a burden to wear. Purchase rainwear that is easy to move in. Your preferred rain gear should also be compact to be folded and kept in a small backpack for ease of travelling.


#3 Breathable

If your rainwear is not breathable or insufficiently breathable, you will get wet from the inside after prolonged wearing due to trapped perspiration. The breathable rain wears transfer the moisture vapours your body generates out of the garment at a high rate while still retaining its wind-blocking properties.


#4 Design

A perfect rainwear should not look out of place when it stops raining, and you are still wearing it. These garments should look presentable, have a sleek design, and should have a set of functionalities, including multiple pockets.


#5 Additional features

It is an added advantage if your rainwear has additional features like removable/ detachable hoods and belts. Some rain wears with top-notch technology like plastic panels or touch-sensitive pockets help in using smartphones without actually taking them out.


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