Our Favourite Outdoor Collection: Prest1478

Our Favourite Outdoor Collection: Prest1478
Our Favourite Outdoor Collection: Prest1478
2022-08-10 14:40:00

Our Favourite Outdoor Collection: Prest1478

We always advise everyone to invest in a good set of hiking clothes, whether it's for days spent outside with the family, or intense hikes with your significant other. Our first piece of advice is to always remember to pack a base layer, a mid-layer, and an outer layer when preparing for hiking. Our favourite collection for hiking gear is of course the Prest1478 Collection, and in this post, we'll tell you why! To summarise at first; they fit well, they are designed for hikers, and wick/dry quickly.


Mount Prest

Prest is a mountain located near the famous village of Flåm in western Norway (where we are based). Specifically, it is located in the Aurland municipality within Vestland County. The mountain top is 1478 metres above sea level and is a very popular hiking destination in the area, for both locals and visitors alike. From the summit of Prest you get incredible views of the Aurlandsfjord, a branch off of the main Sognefjord, the longest fjord in Norway.

Top tip: Even if you do not wish to hike, you can enjoy the view of Mount Prest from Flåm.

Here's one way to get to the trail head for Mount Prest: the hiking bus from Norway's Best!

What is Prest1478?

Prest1478 is an apparel brand of outdoor clothing inspired by Mount Prest. Its unique logo is shaped like the Prest mountain top as seen from Flåm, along with its GPS coordinates. The outdoor clothing in the Prest1487 collection is designed to adapt to Norwegian weather and its sudden changes like sun, rain, snow, ice, cold, and even heat in the mountains.

Prest 1478 was founded in 2021, right by the fjords in Flåm, Norway. The brand is inspired by Norwegian nature and is the perfect companion for your outdoor adventure. It strives to design functional clothing for all kinds of Norwegian outdoor activities.

The hiking clothes in the Prest1478 collection include hiking trousers for men and women, an outdoor jacket, and a light down jacket. The clothes in this collection have a strong Norwegian identity and reflect the Norwegian way of life: to be outside in nature and enjoy the fresh mountain air.


4 Prest1478 Products We Love

#1 Prest1478 Down Jacket

The Prest1478 down jacket is light weight and compact jacket with good insulation. It is a unisex jacket that comes in four brilliant colours (Prairie sand, Beetle, Tap shoe, and Ombre blue). The down jacket is water repellent and highly breathable. It comes with a hood to protect you from cold and winds, a front zip that runs up to the neck, and two zipped side pockets.

The zipped pocket in Prest1478 down jacket means you can bend down to pick things up or run without the fear of losing your phone, which you can safely keep zipped in your pocket. In addition, the jacket makes an excellent warm mid-layer in cold weather as it’s snug and form-fitting. It also has a fair bit of extra room to be worn with other layers underneath. It is, in fact, perfect as a standalone layer in light to moderate chills.

Prest1478 down jacket easily rolls up into a pouch and doesn’t take too much space in the daypack or backpack. Hence, it’s great for a hike. Prest1478 down jacket’s construction is sturdy and is our all-time lightweight travel essential. Go for it for a minimalist, light weight, stylish, urban look.