About Norwegian Rain & The Raincho

About Norwegian Rain & The Raincho
About Norwegian Rain & The Raincho
2022-10-24 06:48:00

About Norwegian Rain & The Raincho

The brand Norwegian Rain was born in a quest to design 100% waterproof outerwear that is also breathable and recyclable, especially for the Bergen rain (where the brand hails from). Norwegian Rain is a "rainy lifestyle" label created by Alexander Helle, a realist and business director, and T-Michael, a designer with creative tailoring experience, in Bergen, Norway.

Designed to provide a dry and comfortable outdoor experience, Norwegian Rain is an attractive brand that we have been recommending to everyone in need of water-proof outerwear. The best part about Norwegian Rain is that it uses expressive materials that do not look like traditional rainwear at first glance, but are great all-round rain garments that are both stylish and well-made.

Norwegian Rain's clothes definitely fit all the criteria we mention in our list of 5 essential features for great rainwear!


Norwegian Rain’s Raincho

While the brand has engaged in a number of exciting products for both men and women, including raincoats, oversized coats, water-proof hats, and tote bags, their real strength is in their classic raincoat – named the Raincho

The Raincho has evolved into an award-winning designer product for Norwegian Rain. Interestingly, the award is based on the concept of ‘Dugnad’, which is an old Norwegian term for people getting together and voluntarily working towards benefitting the community. This is what Alexander Helle and T-Michael have done by creating Norwegian Rain.

They started brainstowming the Raincho on a paper napkin in a streetside café in Paris. Today, the product is available through their 4 flagships in Paris, Tokyo, Oslo, and Bergen, along with a compact store in Copenhagen – and of course online here at Memories from Norway. They are also present in 18 more countries through carefully selected multi-brand stores.

Now in stock in 10 colours, the Raincho is the iconic product representing the Norwegian Rain brand. The name itself is an innovation. Rain from Raincoat and Cho from Poncho; Raincho is a perfect combination of both, with poncho-like plentiful fabric and raincoat-like waterproofness. The design and style of Raincho is actually inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono.

Features of Norwegian Rain’s Raincho

Below are our favourite features about the Raincho, and why we think it's such a perfect choice!


100% Water-proof

The Raincho is made with the highest level of weather protection and is designed for urban living. The garment has a water-repellent outer shell, a water-proof middle membrane with heat-sealed seams, and a water-proof inner lining. These 3 layers of rain protection make the Raincho a 100% water-proof garment. The coat is also fitted with a water tunnel, which is basically a very thoughtful fold that prevents the water from pouring inside the coat. The coat seams are heat-sealed after sewing making the coat even more protection from the rain.



No one wants to roam outside in the rain in a wearable sauna. Hence, air-permeability and breathability are important aspects to look for while buying rain gear. To make the coat 100% breathable, the designers behind the Raincho decided to use fabrics with high-tech solutions ensuring maximum ventilation. The coat thus comes with a light-weight polyester and viscose lining that enhances breathability. In addition, buttons are used for the coat closure instead of zips, ensuring more breathability.


Multiple Pockets

The Raincho, being a poncho, is made of more fabric than the usual coats. So, there’s no doubt that the coat will have more space to carry stuff. Raincho has 2 zipped outer pockets that are large and can store a lot of small things, 2 zipped outer side pockets for mobile phones, keys, or wallets, and 2 zipped inner pockets to keep essential documents dry and safe.



Though the Raincho is designed to protect against rain, the designers have gone the extra mile to put some warmer features in the coat, as rain makes the weather cold. The collars of the coat are lined with 100% cashmere that comes with a magnet closure. This prevents cold air/wind from entering the coat and provides an extra-soft feeling. The coat also comes with a detachable quilted liner that offers additional warmth. We were impressed by how warm yet compact the coat was, adding insulation without increasing bulk.


Negative footprint

There’s no debating that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. With that in mind, Rainchos are made of 70-100% recycled polyester and a Japanese fabric made from waste. In addition, the brand has collaborated with eco-conscious suppliers who supply environmentally friendly fabric for the coat’s making. That, doubled up with fashion, makes the Raincho an attractive garment.



The button of Raincho coats are buffalo horn buttons that are sourced from the horn of cattle certified for use as meat in the food industry. The outer surface of the coat made of recycled polyester minimizes the discharge of harmful substances. Further on, Norwegian Rain products are Bluesign certified, guaranteeing that natural resources are managed responsibly, and that air and water waste emissions are continuously being reduced.



We like how the designers have put extra attention to detail while making the Raincho. The coat has a heavy-duty, adjustable windstopper that comes in handy during high windy situations. The detachable hood helps in making the coat look attractive even when worn casually on non-rainy days. The detachable storm flap turns out to be useful for extreme weather protection.



The Raincho is a unisex garment that can be belted up to give a feminine and quirky look. It can be left loose to give a bold look. It can be worn as a fashionable coat over oversized clothes. The coat comes in 10 trendy colours – each exceptional and making a statement. Some of the popular colours are Mixed night shadow, Mixed powder, Mixed Sand, Mixed Black, Melange army green, and Mixed dark navy. The coat comes in camouflaged colours too, which are ideal for wild lifers and bird watchers. Some colours use SLW (super light-weight) materials that are surprisingly very light and attractive.



Raincoats or ponchos often come in a single size that suits all. They are not designed or sized separately for people with different body types. On the contrary, the Raincho is designed in different sizes based on height. It comes in 4 sizes – Petite (under 160 cm), Minus (160-175 cm), Plus (175-185 cm), and Large (over 185 cm). This ensures that the coat goes below the thigh, keeping the pockets of your pants dry.



Made of tough material, the Raincho can be used all year round. It is no secret that the coat lasts for a long time, and is intended as an investment to wear for years to come. Since the outer fabric is water and stain repellent, stains can be easily removed by spot cleaning. It can also be cleaned in a washing machine. You can refresh the water-proofing at any time with a unique fabric waxing treatment, which Norwegian Rain can handle for you at any of their stores. If the garment loses its functionality, they repair them instead of replacing/ dumping them.



With the silky interior lining, the Raincho is very comfortable to wear. The drape style of the coat has a highly relaxed fit which can be easily adjusted with the optional belt and button fastening cuff tabs. The coat looks gorgeous on people with all kinds of body figures.


Is the Raincho worth it?

Absolutely. Norwegian Rain is more expensive than your average outerwear brand, but it will last for years. The price points are worth the quality you get. In addition to the timeless products, you are also paying for the attention to detail.

Norwegian Rain’s garments can be used on a daily basis and can even be worn over oversized clothes. This water-proof outerwear is designed using traditional tailoring techniques, Japanese sensibilities, and innovative high-tech solutions. The label has teamed up with leading eco-conscious suppliers and thus produces the most environmentally friendly garments. They reduce their consumption by reusing and recycling existing stocks. With the current climate crisis, their mantra is to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair – which is rarely seen in an outerwear rain-proof producing brand.

We took our Rainchos’ for our trip to Iceland, and if your rainwear withstands Icelandic weather, you know it’s for real! Raincho is a worthy buy, especially for Norwegian and Scandinavian weather conditions. Along with the rain-proof coat, also check out other rain-proof gear for overall protection from the rain.

Don’t let rainfall ruin your Norwegian adventure. If you are looking for stylish rain-proof outerwear and can’t stand the thought of a traditional raincoat, look no further than Norwegian Rain’s Raincho. It will make rainy days a little more fun for you.



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