Our Favourite Norwegian Products

Our Favourite Norwegian Products
Our Favourite Norwegian Products
2023-03-10 08:39:00

Our Favourite Norwegian Products

When you have been traveling in Norway, you often want some souvenirs or gifts that are authentic to Norway.

Finding a gift or a souvenir that both reminds you of Norway and is designed in Norway is not always easy. This is something that we at Memories from Norway would like to help you with!


Souvenirs and gifts designed in Norway

We at Memories from Norway are fan of products that are designed here in Norway. We have therefore created a list of some of our favourites to help you in your search for the perfect souvenir or gift from Norway.

Amongs our brands you will find a large selection of Norwegian and Scandinavian design, ideas and creations. All the products below are linked to Norway, either by design, invention or even production (such as the knitted sweaters).


#1 Norwegian folk tales

This book contains 20 of the most famous folk tales we have here in Norway. In Norway we have for many generations read these wonderful folk tales to our children and grandchildren.

So this is as Norwegian as it gets. You can read this book and fantasize about Norway and the magical creatures that lives here, such as the trolls and the hulder people.

This is the perfect gift for your children or someone who has children. There's nothing like a souvenir that brings the whole family together.

#2 The Nora Collection

In Norway, we have many mysterious creatures and the huldra is one of them. The hulder people live in the Norwegian forests and in harmony with all the animals. Nora is the name of a hulder who lives in the fjord area we know so well.

Everything about Nora and her friends is something thats you only find here at Memories from Norway and is our own collection that we are very proud of.

You can find everything from puzzles, lunch boxes to a book with the adventure of Nora - Huldra from the fjords in this collection. If you want to give a gift from Norway, Nora is something we really recommend.

Learn more about Nora here!


#3 The Flåm railway magnets

The Flåm Railway is one of Norway's most famous and visited tourist attractions. We have various magnets with fantastic motifs from this magical journey – known as the most scenic rail journey in Norway.

So, if you are looking for a more classic souvenir from Norway, we think these magnets might be to your liking. You can get all Flåmsbana products and souvenirs exclusively at Norway's Best and Memories from Norway.


#4 Bunad Blanket

Bunad is the Norwegian national costume, and can be seen around Norway on our national day (the 17th of May), and for special occasions (such as weddings, baptisms and confirmations). These blankets have taken their inspiration from the different bunadas we have here in Norway, and is thus a truly unique, Norwegian product.

Do you like to keep warm on a cold winter night or know someone who is always freezing? Keep warm and at the same time look great with these wonderful blankets while you sit and reminisce about the time you were traveling in Norway.

These beautiful blankets were produced in Norway by Grinaker Vev.


#5 Marius sweater

The Marius sweater is the most popular knitted sweater here in Norway. This is the original Marius sweater, with a recognisable pattern that everyone in Norway knows. Make your friends and colleagues jealous with this wonderful and lovely knitted sweater from Norway.

So, if you are looking for a souvenir that screams Norway, this sweater is perfect for you or as a nice gift for someone you love.


#6 Cheese slicer

This Norwegian invention has made the lives of many cheese-loving Norwegians much easier, and is a product that many Norwegians are proud to say was invented here. The cheese slicer is the perfect gift from Norway for someone who loves cheese.

Most people like cheese, so you can't possibly go wrong with cheese slicer as a gift. It is especially perfect for anyone who has been to Norway, has Norwegian heritage or any kind of connection to the country, because it is such a unique, Norwegian invention.


#7 BRGN Backpack

BRGN is a Norwegian brand that specializes in products that are waterproof. They were founded in Bergen in western Norway, one of the rainiest places in the country. This backpack is perfect for keeping your computer or other valuables dry.

This is a souvenir from your trip to Norway that can also be used on a daily basis after you get home – and is a product that will last a long time. This backpack is an excellent choice.

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#8 Goat t-shirts

In Norway, and especially here in Flåm, we are very fond of goats and goat cheese. Memories from Norway has many different t-shirts with funny puns and jokes about goats – inspired by the villages here along the Aurlandsfjord.

Make your neighbour or random person on the street laugh with one of these funny puns.

Nothing is better than a souvenir from Norway that brings out laughter in yourself and others. Remember the Norwegian saying "en god latter forlenger livet", which roughly translates to "a good laugh extends life".

  1. 217231_9193
    T-Shirt Goat Unisex Green
    As low as 199.00NOK
  2. 217225_9194
    T-Shirt Goat Unisex Blue
    As low as 199.00NOK
  3. 217245_9247
    T-Shirt Goat Female Red
    As low as 199.00NOK
  4. 217240_9191
    T-Shirt Goat Female Orange
    As low as 199.00NOK
  5. 217250_9190
    T-Shirt Goat Female Burgundy
    As low as 199.00NOK


#9 Scented candles

If you've been to Norway, you may have gone on a hike or a walk in the Norwegian forests and noticed the great scent of nature.

Ljos has managed to recreate some of the different smells we have in the Norwegian nature, and put them in their wonderful scented candles.

Not only do they bring the smell of Norwegian nature into your home, they are also good for your body and mind. So now you can enjoy a good book in your living room while the smell of Norwegian nature surrounds you. We belive there's not much that is better then this.


We at Memories from Norway hope this list makes the job a little easier for those who are looking for the perfect gift or souvenir from Norway!

When you first want to buy something that will remind you of Norway, then Norwegian design is the way to go. As mentioned, these products were all invented or designed in Norway, and some were also made here – such as the Marius sweater and the bunad blankets.


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