The Best Hiking Clothes for Hot Weather

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The Best Hiking Clothes for Hot Weather
2022-05-30 09:55:00

The Best Hiking Clothes for Hot Weather

Norwegians get a lot of questions related to hiking, tips for hiking, and which hiking gear and clothes to use. One question that tends to get repeated often focuses on what the best hiking clothes for hot weather are. It is understandable that this is something you’d want to figure out before going on a long hike, especially in Summer. Luckily, we have a few great recommendations for hot weather hiking clothes!

Hot Weather Hiking Clothes: Things to know

There are a few things you want to be on the lookout for when searching for hiking clothes for summer and warmer weather in general. You want to make sure that the material is light and easy to move in, to avoid “trapping” too much hot air around your body (making you feel even warmer). In addition to this, you want to look at the breathability of the clothes.

To summarize, the breathability of a piece of clothing is simply the ability of the fabric to let air and moisture pass through it. When clothes have a low breathability, you will find that you get sticky and sweaty, and it will often feel warmer than it actually is. With higher breathability, hot air, sweat and moisture will be able to pass through the fabric, making for a much more comfortable hike.

The Best Hiking Clothes for Summer

Now, if you are looking for the best hiking clothes for hot weather, we are excited to introduce you to the Prest1478 Collection! This outdoor collection was made to brave Norwegian summers and are the perfect summer hiking clothes.

Prest is a mountain top in the Aurland municipality in western Norway, and a popular hike amongst locals and visitors alike. The mountain top can be seen from Flåm, and if you want to hike it from Flåm you’ll be happy to find that there is a shuttle bus taking you to the trail head.

The hiking clothes in the Prest1478 collection include hiking pants for women and men, an outdoor jacket perfect for your outdoor adventures, and a light down jacket that can work just as well in the mountains as in the city. The collection was created with the Norwegian weather in mind, and especially the Norwegian summers.

As mentioned, breathability is important when looking for hot weather hiking clothes. Therefore, the entire Prest1478 collection has a breathability of 5000 g/mh. This makes the clothes light and easy to wear, especially when hiking in the Norwegian mountains.

In addition to this, the hiking pants and jacket of the collection are very suitable for wet weather. Of course, they were designed with Scandinavian summers in mind, and rain is hard to avoid – especially in western Norway. Therefore, the entire Prest1478 collection is waterproof, and has a water column of 15 000 mm!


Top 5 Hiking Clothes for Hot Weather

Now you’ll probably want us to skip straight to the good part: our favourite hiking clothes for hot weather. If you haven’t already visited the complete Prest1478 Collection page, you can have a look at our favourite items (and your new favourite hiking clothes) here:

#1 The best summer hiking pants for men

The Prest1478 Outdoor Trousers Unisex are available in three stylish and masculine colours, perfect for summer hikes!

Shop men's hiking pants here.

#2 The best women’s hiking pants for hot weather

If you are looking for women's hiking pants for hot weather, look no further than the Prest1478 Female Outdor Trousers, available in three colours inspired by Norwegian nature.

Shop women's hiking pants here.

#3 Our favourite outdoor jacket for summer hiking

Of course, the outdoor jacket in the Prest1478 Collection comes in both Unisex and Female models, and in several stylish colours. They are both waterproof and breathable, perfect for a hike!

Shop unisex here / Shop female here.

#4 The best hiking shirts for hot weather

If you are looking for a comfortable, breathable shirt for hiking in hot weather, we recommend Northern Playground. Their shirts are made of organic silk and wool, and are the perfect shirts for hiking (and also look great). They come in several colours, and in both unisex and female models.

Shop unisex here / Shop female here.

#5 The perfect jacket to wear after a hike

The Prest1478 Down Jacket is ideal to put on after a hike, when your body has started to cool down and you might get a little cold from the sweat. It is super light, and takes up hardly any space, which makes it the perfect companion for a long summer walk, hike or a day in the city!

Shop unisex here / Shop female here.