7 Flåm Railway Souvenirs You'll Love

flam railway souvenirs and products
7 Flåm Railway Souvenirs You'll Love
2022-01-24 08:05:00

7 Flåm Railway Souvenirs You'll Love

The Flåm Railway is one of the most famous railroads in the world, and definitely the most famous in Norway. Travellers from all over the world travel to Flåm in order to take the train from the village by the fjord and up to Myrdal – the mountain station at 867 metres above sea level. The journey to the top takes approximately 1 hour, and showcases epic views of the Flåm Valley, as well as the incredible engineering skills it took to build the railroad, around 100 years ago. 

Whether you are planning to go on the Flåm Railway, or have just returned from your trip, we know you'll want to memorise your trip in some way. Therefore, we have rounded up this post of Flåm Railway products you'll love.

Did you know that Memories from Norway is the only online retailer of official Flåm Railway products? Therefore, you will only find these products here, and we are very proud to offer you exclusive Flåm Railway souvenirs and merchandise. We've got lots more than the ones below, so if you want to browse all Flåm Railway products, head this way!

7 Flåm Railway Souvenirs You'll Love!


From top left to bottom right:

  1. Flåm Railway Official Building Blocks (fits other building blocks too!)
  2. El9 Tote Bag/Shopping Net (with Flåm Railway fun facts on the back!)
  3. Flåm Railway Book (available in English, Norwegian and German)
  4. Official El9 Locomotive Pin
  5. Flåm Railway Rubik's Cube (perfect for long train rides)
  6. Flåm Railway Official T-shirt (available in a large selection of colours)
  7. Official Flåm Railway Model Train (B3-5 25668)

Head this way to shop all Flåm Railway products!

Official Flåm Railway products are very popular, and with good reason. We are sure you will find a memory to prolong your trip amongst these, and hope you will share your finds using #MemoriesfromNorway on social media! If you are looking for Flåm Railway tickets and timetables, you'll find them here.


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