Must-Have Products for Easter

Must-Have Products for Easter
Must-Have Products for Easter
2023-03-20 13:33:00

Must-Have Products for Easter

In Norway, we love Easter. It is a time when lots of people travel to the mountains to go skiing, and to their cabins to spend time with family. 

Yellow is a typical colour for Easter, and it is important to use it in decorating in order to get the perfect Easter atmosphere.

Below we share some of our favourite items from our selection, to help you decorate the house for Easter this year!


Scandinavian Easter decorations

We at Memories from Norway (we love making lists and being able to inspire you) decided to make a list of our favorite Easter decorations to help with the inspiration leading up to Easter.

All the decorations and products are designed in Scandinavia, so get ready for a Scandinavian Easter with us at Memories from Norway!


#1 Decorate with fun hens

Make your friends and family jealous this Easter with these cute and funny hens. They are suitable for your cabin and your house, and is a perfect decoration for Easter if you are looking for something not everyone else has (or they might, after this article).

Find all fun hens and chickens from Swedish brand Näässgränsgården here! 


#2 Colourful Easter egg decorations

Hunting for eggs from the Easter Bunny has been a tradition for many generations around the world. Unfortunately, these eggs do not contain candy or sweets, but we can promise that they contain the feeling of Easter.

What screams Easter more than eggs? Decorate with these lovely eggs on branches, curtains or curtain rods to get the ultimate Easter feeling in your home.


#3 Decorative Egg Holders

Perhaps you are inviting your friends and family over for a big Easter breakfast? This is a typical Easter tradition in Norway – and eggs are always served!

 have exactly what you need to give the table and the breakfast that extra touch of Easter. Cute egg cups/holders like this one is the perfect decoration.

These egg holders can be used yearround, but are particularly suitable for a table decorated for Easter.


#4 Easter Colours in the Kitchen

A lot of great food is made during Easter, which means that more time is spent in the kitchen than usual.

When cooking, there is often somewhat of a mess being made, and thus it is important to have a good dish cloth available for the counters, and a kitchen towel for your hands. And nothing is better if the two can match, and give you that sense of Easter.

Not only are these practical when you're in the kitchen, they also double as decor after their job is done.


#5 Brighten up the Room with a Yellow Blanket

Even though the sun might be shining and there can be pleasant temperatures during the day at Easter, the cold weather comes creeping in as soon as the sun starts to set (at least it does in Norway). This is when it's tempting to lie down under a cozy blanket with a good book and the fireplace lit.

This blanket is both warm and comfortable, and also gives you a feeling of Easter. It will also brighten up the room with Easter colours when not in use.


#6 Get your Plants Ready for Easter

Year-round, indoor plants don't always match the decor when you are decorating for Easter. These flower pots really make your home ready to welcome Easter and all the guests Easter tends to bring. Make your flowers (and their flower pots) a natural part of your home decor for the holiday!


#7 Candle Holder for Empty (wine) Bottles

Here at Memories from Norway, we love recycling and re-using items. If you are anything like us, then this candle holder is right up your alley.

With this, you can transform an empty glass blottle into a spectacular candle holder that can light up dark evenings. Norwegians often go to their mountain cabins for Easter, and lighting candles is often part of enjoying the cabin atmosphere – the spirit of hygge.

Find the candle holder here!


#8 Scented Candles

In Norway, the orange (yes, the fruit) is a natural part of Easter and being in the mountains. To complete the feeling of Easter at home, this candle is absolutely perfect. It will fill your home with a scent of orange and lavender.

Easter can also be a bit stressful at times, with many visitors and activities you are expected to take part in. The candle is not only ideal as decor for the holiday, but can also help calm your nerves. So, if you want to relax and enjoy the quiet for Easter, us here at Memories from Norway recommend this scented candle from Norwegian Ljós.


#9 Tulips on the table (year-round)

A lot of people like to invite friends and family to a nice dinner at Easter. This placemat with tulips is perfect for those occasions.

Decorate the dinner table and give your guests a real sense of Easter without taking up space. This Easter decoration not only gives you a sense of Easter, they also help prevent spills on your precious dinner table.


#10 Cover Bottles in Yellow

If you are serving a bottle of wine or a bottle of water at the Easter dinner and need the bottle to keep the perfect temperature, then this bottle cover is your new best friend.

If you want to surprise your friends and family with a perfectly tempered drink and at the same time give them a real feeling of Easter, then this bottle cover is exactly the decoration your dinner table needs.

See all products from Swedish brand Aveva here!


#11 A Stuffed Animal for the Little Ones

The bunny is an important part of Easter traditions. Do you know any small children whose birthday it is during Easter? Or are you visiting someone with small children for the holidays and want to bring a small gift? Regardless, this bunny teddy bear is a lovely gift. When it is not used for cuddling and comfort, it can help spread Easter joy to both adults and children.


Going hiking for Easter?

Decorating for Easter is not for everyone. If you are one of the many who would rather spend your time hiking and being outdoors, we recommend that you check out our Prest1478 Collection. There you will find everything from hiking clothes to thermoses and other practical things that are perfect for both longer and shorter adventures.

Being able to set the perfect mood and atmosphere for Easter is not always easy. With this list, we at Memories from Norway hope that we have helped you a little bit on the way to the perfect Easter celebration.

We wish you a happy Easter!

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