Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas

Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas
Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas
2022-12-09 12:51:00

Tips for Decorating your Home this Christmas

Christmas, the most awaited holiday for many is around the corner. And it’s time for a massive show of lights, colours, gifts, and decorations. Preparations for Christmas is already in full swing, but few have time to decorate their homes weeks ahead of time.

So, we thought we would lend a helping hand and add a little bit of excitement for those who are short on time. Here are some of the simplest tips to decorate your home this Christmas that you can execute even at the last minute.

Even if you aren’t entertaining, we suggest you add positivity and cheer in this festive vibe by using these affordable décor items found in our online shop!


Tip #1: Go Bright with your Tableware

Since guests and relatives are likely to constantly be in and out of your house throughout the upcoming holiday season, and because chances are everyone’s eyes will be fixed on sumptuous food, why not impress them with some unique table décor?

Table runners and place mats are a great way to style your dining set-up. Christmas is also time for lots of baking and grilling. A pair of colourful oven mittens will add that extra spirit.

Christmas napkins are an excellent place to start when decorating a table. Invest in some themed napkins to brighten up your dining space.

The next step is to kick your tabletop décor up a notch with Christmas-themed bowls, cups, and egg cups.

Amongst our kitchen and tableware you'll find a range of products from hand towels, table runners, oven mittens, and table/kitchen napkins, of course. We also have a selective collection of Christmas-themed bowls, cups, and egg cups that don’t just add to the festive touch, but also are sturdy and long-lasting.


Tip #2: Bring Greenery In

As you start transforming your home into cheerful spaces, don’t forget to acknowledge that winter solstice traditions include bringing greenery into the home this time of the year. Pine, ivy, magnolia, and holly are great candidates to bring indoors. Plants add an extra feeling of warmth and life in the house and are something that everyone appreciates.

Poinsettias come in different colours – pink, burgundy, even blue and are the most popular Christmas plants aside from the Christmas tree. But keep in mind that plants feel cold too and when they do, they undergo withering and drop their leaves. Therefore, our advice is to bring them indoors and wrap them in a wool pot for extra warmth. The wool felt is breathable, so your plants don’t overheat when it gets a bit hot indoors.

Elevate your indoor greenery with trendy wool pots from Swedish brand Aveva and mix and match your pots with a pop of colour. You can also opt to hang some plants using a flowerpot hanger!

Tip #3: Focus on Fragrance

This Christmas, try to keep the aroma in your house soothing and welcoming as guests come over. Our best advice is to keep the fragrance floral and festive. You can bring in the festive cheer and stylish touch to your Christmas interior décor with scented candles and incense sticks.

Fragrance infusions like Juniper & Aniseed and Sage & Violet are the best combinations of fragrances for Christmas. You can buy them online or even visit our store in Flåm to try, test, and buy. We have a range of diffusers, aroma candles, fragrance sachets, and other décor items that will fill your home with fragrance.

You can mix, match, and customise your own personalised selection of scented candles from flavours like jasmine, rose, cedar wood, citrus, and many more. We also have some pretty candle holders that would definitely go well with your fragrance décor items.

Shop all scented candles and diffusers here!


Tip #4: Add a pop of colour to your holiday decorations

Display an adorable collection of miniature Christmas-themed soft toys or figurines on your sideboards. Colourful Christmas trees are a surefire way to add some festive mood to your décor. Adorn your tree with colourful ball ornaments, outline your doorway with a bauble-packed garland, get creative using stockings, and go glitzy with other little hangings like reindeer, trees, and colourful pixies.

You can also use household items as Christmas décor like slices of dried oranges, pine boughs, dried wheatgrass, and scarce eucalyptus leaves!

Regardless how you opt for a splash of colour, it will be a great way to make your home more festive!


There you have some of our top tips for decorating your home and getting into the Christmas spirit this year. We are proud to have a large selection of Christmas decorations from Scandinavian brands, and you can browse all of it here!

Or, you can have a look below at some of our favourite decor!

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