The Best Wool Products to Stay Warm for Winter

The Best Wool Products to Stay Warm for Winter
The Best Wool Products to Stay Warm for Winter
2022-10-07 11:26:00

The Best Wool Products to Stay Warm for Winter

Winters in Norway are harsh, with chilly weather and unrelenting snowfall in some parts of the country. Extreme cold drags down the temperature in Norway to sub-zero levels in many areas, and the average temperature in winter steadies between -7 to 7°C across the country. Over the years, Norwegians have improved and adapted to the cold weather, and developed great clothing accordingly.

It’s important to dress appropriately in the cold weather. With the winter season upon us, you may wonder what apparel is most helpful in avoiding colds. Out of all the fabrics, wool is great at keeping you extra toasty in winter. Wool fibres make for an excellent insulator, and the air pockets in the fabric help shield you from frigid cold weather.

Here’s why you should consider buying wool products this winter:

  • Wool is the warmest fabric you can find out there.
  • Wool has natural insulating properties; thus, it traps air inside clothes that stabilize body temperature.
  • Due to its natural elasticity, wool retains its shape and remains durable for an extended period.
  • Wool has moisture-wicking properties that help keep you warm even if you are slightly damp.
  • Wool is breathable and allows air to escape through pores between its fibres. Hence, wool keeps you from overheating as well as keeping you warm!


The Best Wool Products to Stay Warm for Winter

Now that you are convinced that wool is the best fabric for cold weather, here are the best wool products to keep you warm this winter:

1. Wool Blankets 

A quality wool blanket perfectly finishes a well-put-together home in the winter. A wool blanket can either be used as an additional layer underneath your duvet or as an extra option folded at the end of the bed. It looks great and will keep your feet warm. They are a also perfect cold night companion that can be used without feeling weighed down or suffocated under too many bulky layers.

You can use two thin blankets together for extra warmth. They trap a thin sheet of air between them that acts as an insulator providing much better warmth in icy conditions. Remember, blankets do not generate heat; they just keep the heat that you have already created from escaping.

Additionally, they are perfect for keeping you warm and cozy on the couch during dark winter nights. Norwegians swear by wool blankets for indoor use!


2. Wool seat cushions/ pads 

Seat cushions or pads made of 100% wool help your skin breathe while cushioning the body. They also help regulate body temperature. The wool seat cushions are breathable and act as insulators that keep you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. 

The wool seat cushions are compact and lightweight and can be carried in a backpack during hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, or picnicking. It’s perfect for a hiker who prefers protection and warmth when taking a break. They are a must-have for hiking!

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3. Wool base layer 

Since the base layer is right up against your skin it needs to fit well, be comfortable, and should not itch. Its role is simple: to move sweat and moisture off your skin. Although many fabrics are available for base layers, wool (especially merino wool) is the leading player in cold or snowy weather. 

Merino wool base layers are incredibly light, naturally anti-bacterial, and are perfect for outdoor activities like skiing or hiking. In addition, the wool fibres in the base layer are non-abrasive and hence are suitable for people with sensitive skin.


4. Wool sweaters 

Wool is the most widely used sweater fabric because it is warm and breathable. Sweaters made of wool are long-lasting, high-quality, and hydrophilic in nature. In addition, wool sweaters are pretty warm because of the air trapped between the fibres. Wool garments are also wrinkle-free as the fibres bounce back and can easily handle creases.

If you prefer a pure wool sweater, consider wearing a soft layer underneath, as standard wool may sometimes feel itchy due to inherent micro-scales on the surface. On the other hand, Merino wool sweaters are a softer and more expensive variety of garments that do not itch. 


5. Wool t-shirts 

Travellers in Norway swear by merino wool t-shirts. They are soft, comfortable, breathable, stylish, and durable. The merino wool t-shirts are a must-have when travelling, hiking, backpacking, or just wearing them to work. They need minimal washing or maintenance and keep you fresh and dry.

The wool t-shirts are perfect for daily wearing and suitable for all activities and occasions. They make for ideal contemporary casual wear. The best part about such t-shirts is that they can be hung out in the sun after a few wears, and this is just as effective as washing them.

6. Wool scarves 

While wearing a scarf is an easy way to accessorize and look cool, wool scarves help protect your neck and face during winters. This is because the wool scarves not only cover exposed skin but also create a pocket of warm air around the neck if you wear them over your mouth or nose.

You can use the wool scarves in many ways, such as drapes, knots, ties, or wraps, to look stylish when indoors. These are the best investments you can make, owing to the comfort they deliver and their long life.


7. Wool Socks 

In cold, snowy weather, cotton socks just won’t cut it. They become cold and damp as your feet sweat. The only solution is to invest in a good pair of wool socks. Merino wool socks are a great choice for winter wear. Merino wool doesn’t itch at all and keeps your feet warm and dry throughout the day.

You can use the Merino wool socks even in summers as the fabric is designed to keep you cool during warm days and warm during cold days. So, slip on your wool socks for a run or a hike on a cold winter day.


8. Wool Neck Warmer 

A woollen neck warmer is a great companion for any outdoor trip in winter – be it hiking, cycling, or just an evening walk. The neck warmer protects your neck from getting cold and can also be pulled up and folded over the ears as a headband to keep them warm.

Merino wool is the most popular fabric used to knit neck warmers. It is excellent in keeping out the wind and is quick drying. Woollen neck warmers are elastic and quickly attain shape when worn. These can also be used as a face mask when required.


9. Wool Wrist Warmer 

Wrist warmers are garments that cover your wrists and stop halfway up the hand to allow your fingers free movement, which full gloves do not. But, if your wrists are warm, the blood in your hand stays warmer, eventually keeping your fingers warm as well. 

Merino wool wrist warmers are soft and provide excellent comfort and warmth to hands. The extended wrist length adds style to your winter wardrobe. Wool wrist warmers are perfect for those with cold hands. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.


10. Wool Beanies and Hats

Woollen beanies or hats make great practical winter wear, especially if they have a folded brim that provides a second layer of protection over your ears. Make sure that you purchase beanies with stretchy fabric that has a good fit over your head – not too loose, not too tight. 

Lightweight Merino wool beanies are comfortable, non-itchy, and warm enough for most cold days. Snuggled down, they are intensely warm and compact enough to fit in your coat’s pockets when not in use, without concerns of wrinkling.


11. Wool Poncho 

Woollen ponchos are great layering options to keep the body warm during winters. These sleeveless garments are easy to put on or shed, depending on the weather conditions. It is worn on top of other clothes, over the neck, and may run till your waists, depending on their length.

Since wool ponchos are freer flowing garments, it is one-size-fits-all and can be shared with friends and family members. Knitted merino wool ponchos work best to stay warm in winters as they are soft and comfortable. 

12. Wool Ziplongs 

Ziplongs are long underwear that is fully zipped and are designed for temperature regulation on the go. It is a great garment for alpinists, skiiers, or hikers who like to layer up or peel down apparel from their lower body without removing their footwear. The long underwear zips easily and provides the right amount of warmth in cold and snowy weather.

Wool ziplongs are specially designed for Norwegian outdoor enthusiasts and are made of soft merino wool. It allows them to customise their ventilation to their choosing. They act the same as the usual long underwear but are easy to put on, which is a huge plus. We love the ones from Northern Playground.


13. Wool Hoodie 

Hoodies are primarily used casually as loungewear or athletic wear. Generally, hoodies are made of cotton or fleece, but wool hoodies work best to keep warm in extremely cold and snowy conditions. Merino wool hoodies are designed for comfort and a great fit that gives you freedom of movement.

Wool hoodies dry fast, don’t stink, maintain shape, and can be bought as a pullover or with a zipper. They are lightweight, softer, cosier, and style up uniquely with a base layer.

While you enjoy shopping for these products, it’s also important to understand how to care for your wool products. Even (or especially) high-quality wool garments can be more sensitive than synthetics. Treat your wool gently, and use handwash/wool cycles when washing them in a washing machine. While it’s better to hand-wash your wools, wash them in a delicate setting, to make them last longer. Lay your wools flat to dry. We hope these suggestions help you find the best wool products for you!

Whilst we enjoyed curating this list of best wool products to have to keep you toasty all winter, we'd love to hear from you! What other wool products do you suggest buying this winter? Let us know in the comment section below.



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