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About Memories from Norway

The online store Memories from Norway is an extension of the physical store Flåm Store, which is located in Flåm in Aurland Municipality in Western Norway. Flåm Store is what we call "the store with a story", and this is evident in both the appearance of the store, and in the fact that all items sold there have a story to tell. Flåm Store opened in the station building in Flåm in the summer of 2018.

Flåm Store and Memories from Norway sell unique products that are carefully selected. All products can be traced to Norway and Scandinavia, either by being laid out, designed or having their roots there. An important focus has also been local products, and Flåm Store took in glass early from the local glassblower, the famous Aurland shoes (which are made in the neighboring village of Aurland), and handmade "fly-knit" products from Lærdal.

Memories from Norway – Launched in the autumn of 2021

Our online store, Memories from Norway, was launched in the autumn of 2021. Here we are proud to present our selection of Norwegian and Scandinavian brands, as well as our own collections inspired by Flåm and the area around us. Did you know that the municipal coat of arms of Aurland Municipality is a goat? This was among the inspiration for our fun Goat collection! And Nora - Huldra from the fjord, is inspired by the many Huldre stories from Flåmsdalen and the surrounding villages

Whether you are looking for new hiking clothes, a good and warm sweater, or a practical gift for a friend, we are sure you will find it here!

Part of Norway's Best

Flåm Store and Memories from Norway are part of Norway's Best, an international player in tourism. Read more about Norway's Best here!

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